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Angel City RPG

A slash role playing community.

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Welcome to Los Angeles, the land of glitz and glam, the home of celebrities and gossip. Los Angeles is the central location of everything Hollywood, everything famous, everything scandalous. Buy a house, rent an apartment, find some roommates and jump in on the fun, the parties, the tours and the movies.

About the Community
angel_city_rpg is a male slash roleplaying community set in Los Angeles. We are currently looking for male celebrities to join the community; musicians, actors, models, photographers, blog-kings, all are welcome.

This is an AIM/Livejournal based RPG. Roleplaying is done through AIM, and Livejournal is used as a place for your character to write about their lives, experiences, and stress. Livejournal entries are also used to let the MOD know that you are active in the community. This is a STORYBOOK ONLY community.

Questions, concerns, requests for clarification can be addressed to the Mod:

jimmyshart Nile.
Feel free to contact me anytime. I get offline messages and will answer any questions as soon as I get online.

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